[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.3.1

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue May 29 19:26:13 BST 2018


This update fixes a large number of issues in many different areas.
None of the fixes are really critical, not even the "readonly mode
bypass" which is more of an annoyance than a security issue, and not
many are recent regressions, but all put together they do make this a
rather large bug fix release. Updating is strongly recommended.

Release notes:
* fix CentOS / RHEL rpm dependencies for ldap authentication
* fix spurious notifications warning
* fix unsynced X11 context access to DPI (potential crash or warnings)
* fix compilation warning in ffmpeg compatibility shim
* fix filename extension check in launcher
* fix h264 decoding in html5 client
* fix menu stacking level in html5 client
* fix focus issues with html5 client
* fix socket error race condition during shutdown
* fix scroll encoding errors on images with modified rowstride
* fix desktop and shadow servers xinerama sizing issues
* fix pixel encoding errors at low pixel depths
* fix pixel-depth 8 wrongly rejected for start-desktop mode
* fix colour encoding at pixel-depth 8
* fix systemd warnings and packaging on Ubuntu 16.04
* fix html5 client errors with audio debugging enabled
* fix readonly mode bypass
* fix client failure on servers without a valid desktop size
* fix VNC connection handling of authentication
* fix scary X11 desktop server warning with VNC clients
* fix error in video debug logging
* fix nvfbc errors during cleanup after initialization failures
* fix client launcher not exiting on close
* fix RFB clients causing sessions to be locked
* fix rare deadlocks in exception handler
* fix MacOS deprecation warnings
* fix screen capture test script
* fix CUDA DLL packaging
* fix named-pipe errors with MS Windows Python3 and 64-bit builds
* fix MinGW path detection issues
* fix potential mmap leak with Python3 builds
* fix screen update errors when XShm is disabled
* silence GCC warnings when compiling NvFBC on MS Windows
* increase default bandwidth congestion tolerance
* remove duplicated DLLs from MS Windows Python3 builds
* allow debugging via environment variables for all categories
* don't prompt for the ssh password if we already have it
* honour CFLAGS and LDFLAGS env vars
* remove duplicated encoding from vpx encoder
* add workaround for distributions shipping unpatched distutils
* increase unit test failure timeout

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