[winswitch] [xpra] HTML5 client: open link clicked on remote machine in local browser

Matteo Ipri matteo.ipri at arpm.co
Tue May 29 23:27:58 BST 2018

Hi all,
First of all, thanks for this amazing tool!

While doing some experiments with xpra, I found myself in the situation
where a GUI app running in a remote virtual machine presents me a link to a
website. If I click on that link, obviously, the default browser on the
remote machine is launched and the website is opened.
I would like to have those links to open on my local browser where I am
running the xpra HTML5 client.
Is there a way to do this?

Just wondering, since I have almost no experience in this programming
fields: maybe setting the xpra server on the remote machine as default
browser and having the server sending the command to open such link to the
HTML5 client...
Thanks for your attention,

Matteo Ipri

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