[winswitch] xpra shadow works, but start-desktop just shows a black screen

Ben Sferrazza Benjamin.Sferrazza at skyworksinc.com
Thu Apr 11 23:47:51 BST 2019

I'm running Xpra 2.5 from the Xpra repo on Ubuntu 18.10. The client is Xpra 3.0 on Windows 10. Using 'xpra shadow' works well, but I can't get 'xpra start-desktop' to work. It merely shows a black screen.

Similarly, trying to just launch a window such as 'xpra start=gnome-terminal' shows nothing. 'xpra start=xterm' does bring up xterm, but trying to launch something like gnome-terminal from that xterm shows nothing. Verbose logs don't seem to indicate anything is amiss.

Any advice on things I can try?



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