[winswitch] Downgrading xpra

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Aug 2 12:50:51 BST 2019

On 01/08/2019 21:36, Wolfram Humann via shifter-users wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. Some observations:
> 1. I managed to install 1.0.13 doing "sudo yum --releasever=7.1 install
> xpra" (had to manually install python-crypto before it would work but
> that's all)
That's generally a bad idea.
It might have worked this time but the repository for 7.1 and 7.6 are
different for a reason and you should not mix them up. For example, you
could easily get ABI breakage issues with the dummy driver.

> I had tried something similar before editing winswitch.repo and replacing
> "baseurl=http://winswitch.org/dists/CentOS/$releasever/$basearch/" with
> "baseurl=http://winswitch.org/dists/CentOS/7.1/$basearch/" but to my
> surprise yum still wanted to install version 2.5.3 (and failed as mentioned
> before when I tried to force yum to install 1.0.13)
> 2. I have a Konsole window receiving lots of output from a program and
> therefore scrolling fast. In 1.0.13 there is no problem with that. In 2.5.3
> it always hangs a bit between screen updates.
That should not happen.
In fact, a number of improvements since v2.0 were specifically designed
for dealing with fast scrolling windows.

Is your client also up to date? Is it also a CentOS 7.x system?
Did you make any changes to your configuration?
Can you reproduce the problem without your program? (ie: just typing
"dmesg" repeatedly in a terminal window?)
What sort of connection speed would I need to use to reproduce the problem?

> Also in 2.5.3 I sometimes
> receive messages about my connection being slow with some options what to
> do about it. I've never seen those in 1.0.13
These notifications don't exist in 1.0. The older code is rather dumb:
it would just saturate your link and / or slow down too much.

> 3. In 2.5.3 when I have menus hitting the bottom of the screen, I will have
> a vertical offset between the mouse-pointer and the selected entry (see
> attached screenshots -- the mouse pointer is 6-7 entries higher than the
> selection).
FYI: the mailing-list scrubs attachments.

> That does not happen in 1.0.13. It might be worth mentioning
> that I have an (unusual?) setup of one horizontal (main) monitor and one
> vertical on the left, so there are screen coordinates on the left monitor
> extending below and above the main screen.
Sounds similar to:

> If you have any suggestions, I can go back to 2.5.3. and try them out. But
> I will be on vacation for one week starting tomorrow, so I would do that
> afterwards.
Can you either add to that ticket if it looks similar or create a new one?

> Thanks for maintaining and supporting this nice and very useful piece of
> software!


> Wolfram
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