[winswitch] Xpra 3.0 Windows very slow ssh login

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Oct 1 07:18:28 BST 2019

On 01/10/2019 11:46, Bob Babcock via shifter-users wrote:
> Running xpra on 64-bit Windows 7, connecting to 64-bit Fedora 
> 29, the ssh login prompt hangs up for ~15 seconds, then responds to past 
> typing and works. 
I'm seeing a slight delay as we launch the subprocess handling the 
password prompt, but nowhere near 15 seconds, more like 2 or 3 seconds.
I just assumed that the system I was testing on was a bit slow.

> The whole system is unresponsive during the hang; my 
> onscreen clock even stops ticking.
No user application should be able to do that.. could be triggering some 
sort of Windows OS bug.

>  Reverting to 3.0-r23707 (the last 
> version I downloaded) fixes it.  Failing version was downloaded from 
> https://xpra.org/dists/windows/Xpra-x86_64_Setup.exe.  This is on my 
> wired local home network with nothing much else happening.  A wireless 
> Windows 10 laptop behaves similarly.
Thanks. I'll take a look ASAP.

In the meantime, you can switch to plink instead of the paramiko backend:
xpra_cmd --ssh="plink.exe" attach ssh://username:password@host/

> On the Linux side, dnf says I'm up-to-date with winswitch-beta in my 
> repo list. Installed xpra stuff:
> # rpm -qa|grep xpra|sort
> ffmpeg-xpra-4.2.1-1.fc29.x86_64
> python2-lz4-2.1.6-1.xpra1.fc29.x86_64
> python2-xpra-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> python2-xpra-audio-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> python2-xpra-client-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> python2-xpra-server-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> python3-lz4-2.1.6-1.xpra1.fc29.x86_64
> python3-xpra-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> python3-xpra-audio-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> python3-xpra-client-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> python3-xpra-server-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> x264-xpra-20190929-1.fc29.x86_64
> xorg-x11-drv-dummy-0.3.8-1.xpra1.fc29.x86_64
> xpra-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.x86_64
> xpra-common-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.noarch
> xpra-common-client-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.noarch
> xpra-common-server-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.noarch
> xpra-html5-3.0-0.20190928r24021M.fc29.noarch
The stable repository actually has 3.0 proper, which is very slightly 
newer than this.
You should always add both stable and beta repositories, as the beta one 
is only a supplemental one, which may or may not have packages in it.

FYI: 4.0 builds will start landing in the beta area soon.


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