[winswitch] ANNOUNCE: Xpra 1.0.14 LTS

Antoine Martin totaam at xpra.org
Sun Oct 6 20:15:35 BST 2019


This latest update to the 1.0 LTS branch is likely to be the final one 
unless severe issues are found in the next year or so.

There are no significant fixes here, most of the issues are either hard 
to hit or just not critical.

The codec libraries have been updated to the latest versions available 
(on Linux only), matching what is used by the new 3.0 LTS branch.

At this point there are no known reasons for sticking with this outdated 
1.0 branch unless your servers are running an outdated distribution like 
CentOS / RHEL 6.x

The new 3.0 LTS supersedes it.

The MS Windows (XP 32-bit) and MacOS (10.5.x 32-bit) installers are 
provided for reference only, please bear in mind that those are using 
outdated libraries throughout and they are riddled with serious security 
issues, do not use these builds in production. Use the newer supported 
versions instead.

Release notes:

* fix html5 clipboard wrongly disabled
* fix html5 handling of websocket frames with more than one packet
* fix desktop-scaling normalization calculations
* fix handling of unicode values for desktop names
* fix file descriptor leak when running child commands
* fix MS Windows tray icon backport
* fix XShape serial not being ignored as it should
* fix race condition with some clipboard control packets
* fix unused method call for consistency
* fix skip-pager window hint wrongly applied to skip-taskbar attribute
* fix CUDA reset_state function
* fix wrong flags shown on swscale debug output
* fix resource leak in server connection tracking
* fix missing network statistics
* fix window model cleanup code
* fix error in packet failure handler logging
* fix some window control commands that trigger a refresh
* fix server dbus service attribute accessor methods
* fix network jitter injector
* fix avahi mdns publisher test tool
* fix error in the codec loader if the first codec attempted fails
* fix mmap leak which can cause the client to stop painting
* fix HTML5 client authentication issue when going through a proxy server
* fix errors if md5 is not available: use sha1
* fix win32 system tray not responding to clicks after re-initialization
* fix file descriptors not closed on exit
* fix proxy instances emulation of glib repeating calls
* fix unlikely (impossible?) error with virtual webcams
* fix man page headers alignment
* silence annoying atk warnings
* silence ffmpeg build warnings with GCC 9
* avoid running invalid lpinfo commands
* support newer nvidia encode shared libraries
* prevent hash collisions in motion search
* warn that Python optimized code will crash
* avoid using jpeg for video edges
* add missing exec-wrapper section to man page
* remove support for broken python3 builds
* packaging fixes for Ubuntu cosmic, appindicator
* disable xvid and ffmpeg
* disable avcodec decoder on MS Windows
* avoid keyboard warnings
* fix sdist

The source:


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