[winswitch] Dancing windows on xpra windows 10

Ivo Couckuyt ivo.couckuyt at ugent.be
Sun Oct 27 19:09:17 GMT 2019

Hi all,

I have some problems with xpra windows connecting to a xpra server on 
ubuntu over tcp (both version 3.0.1).

The gnome-terminal shrinks to 1x1 (titlebar only) and 'dances' to the 
bottom of the screen (same for xterm so it is not a bug in gnome I 
think). Opening the windows start menu stops the shrinking. On the other 
hand, gedit shows only when I turn off opengl, but does not shrink (I 
can not minmize it)

Seems to be a problem with the window manager in windows? Any ideas 
where to look? I tried xpra beta (4.0), both msi and exe setup files, 
etc. Over html5 everything works fine (except copy pasting does not 
always work).

I do not have xming (or vcxsvr) installed. Despite some instructions on 
xpra I found via google, a windows xserver does not seem to be required?



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