[winswitch] Dancing windows on xpra windows 10

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Oct 28 01:56:33 GMT 2019

On 28/10/2019 02:09, Ivo Couckuyt via shifter-users wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have some problems with xpra windows connecting to a xpra server on
> ubuntu over tcp (both version 3.0.1).
> The gnome-terminal shrinks to 1x1 (titlebar only) and 'dances' to the
> bottom of the screen (same for xterm so it is not a bug in gnome I
> think). Opening the windows start menu stops the shrinking.
Is this similar to this bug report? (includes a video)

> On the other
> hand, gedit shows only when I turn off opengl, but does not shrink (I
> can not minmize it)
Odd, is it not showing at all? Or is the window missing its contents?
Could be this bug:
(in which case, using a python2 server instead of python3 will fix things)

> Seems to be a problem with the window manager in windows? Any ideas
> where to look? I tried xpra beta (4.0), both msi and exe setup files,
> etc. Over html5 everything works fine
That's likely to be because the html5 client is more limited and does
not implement all the features, in particular the window size
constraints and desktop scaling.
You can try disabling window size constraints by setting the variable
before starting xpra from the command line.
To disable desktop scaling, use the command line argument:
xpra --desktop-scaling=1

> (except copy pasting does not
> always work).
Browser support for accessing the clipboard is messy. More details here:

> I do not have xming (or vcxsvr) installed. Despite some instructions on
> xpra I found via google, a windows xserver does not seem to be required?
Correct. The Xpra client is a native application on all operating
systems supported, including MacOS and MS Windows.
An xserver installed on windows would not be used at all.


> regards,
> Ivo
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