[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 3.0.9: critical fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Tue Apr 14 18:11:42 BST 2020


There's a large number of bug fixes in this release, and quite a few of
these bugs are critical. In particular:
* the HTML5 XSS is trivial to exploit
* the focus issues can be a real nuisance (mostly affects GTK3)
* then there are bugs that could cause the server to crash - never a
good thing, or render it unbearably slow
* the MS Windows GTK3 client could get thoroughly confused by some
window constraints (ie: Firefox maximized)

Then there's the usual set of keyboard, clipboard, system tray, NVENC,
platform and application quirks, etc

Also noteworthy is the update to the application hints list:
If your preferred applications are not in that list, it is a good idea
to submit them: this helps the xpra server make the correct decisions.

Updating is strongly recommended.

Release notes:
* fix HTML5 client XSS
* fix focus issues
* fix server hangs and unpainted windows due to invalid dimensions
* fix window icons and cursors visual corruption or crashes
* fix unbearably slow screen updates when vrefresh value is invalid
* fix client OpenGL crashes with remote starts (run probe first)
* fix keypad regression (AltGr changes, again)
* fix MS Windows shadow servers
* fix race condition collecting latency data for session info
* fix missing pycuda dependency for NVENC on MS Windows
* fix missing signatures on MS Windows EXE and MSI builds
* fix scoring of NVENC codec (should be used ahead of sofware encoders)
* fix start menu updates getting lost
* fix OpenGL diagnostic messages getting cut off
* fix change of encoding from the system tray
* fix quality and speed changes from the system tray
* fix clipboard and popup menu problems with Eclipse
* fix name of shadow server process on MS Windows, used in log files
* fix audio query subprocess with MS shadow servers
* fix unlikely race condition in speaker forwarding shutdown sequence
* fix desktop-fullscreen=yes automatic scaling
* fix missing bug report data due to uninitialized X11 bindings
* fix bug report error if we cannot grab a screenshot (ie: Wayland)
* fix error saving binary data with python3 builds (ie: bug report tool)
* fix errors querying the display under Wayland
* hide scary stacktraces when shutting down ssh proxy commands
* if we have an ssh password we can use, try that first
* blacklist VirtualBox's SVGA3D OpenGL driver (fixes black windows)
* don't use webp with image dimensions beyond its limits
* use regular X11 system tray with i3
* hide confusing named-pipe prefix in empty output on MS Windows
* HTML5 fixes:
  invalid IMG tag, reserved keyword, language detection, draw debugging
* don't try to read /proc if not on Posix
* support more versions of Visual Studio when compiling CUDA kernels
* use a more specific python3 interpreter version
* update application content-type mappings
* remove out of date information from man page
* MacOS: openssl 1.1.1f


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