[winswitch] Mouse button behavior.

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Apr 22 15:31:58 BST 2020

> Hi,
> Many time the mouse button behave incorrectly. When this happen the left
> mouse button seem to do a right click instead of left click. In this
> situation clicking on the right button will put the situation back to
> normal.
Do you have specific steps to reproduce this problem?
Is it a regression?
Is this using MS Windows as client perhaps?

> Any hints on what to look for or option to try. to debug this behavior.
This sort of thing is quite hard to debug, you may want to run the
server with `xpra start -d mouse` then you can look for button events in
the log as `xtest_fake_button`.
Button 1 is the left, 3 is right. (True for pressed, False for unpressed)

If that doesn't clear things up, please create a ticket with
reproducible steps. I should be able to fix that.
My guess is that we don't get the button release event for some reason
(maybe sent to another window when we don't have focus).


> Thanks and regards.
> Carl

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