[winswitch] Headless raspi & macOS

Markus Mohr markus at johalla.de
Sun Mar 15 14:01:10 GMT 2020

> On a pi, it is likely to be because the server is taking too long to
> start up and / or running out of RAM.
> (this will vary depending on what model you have)

Its a Pi3 with 1Gb of memory. About two thirds are free.

> You don't need to have the service running.
> It is optional and on a pi it will just consume extra RAM, which is
> already scarce.
Ok, stopped it.

> apt-get install xvfb
> Then edit /etc/xpra/conf.d/55_server_x11.conf, comment out the last line
> which has xvfb=/usr/lib/xorg/Xorg and uncomment the line which has
> xvfb=Xvfb...
Did that and uncommented this line:

# - Old Xvfb option (required on Ubuntu where Xorg is broken):
xvfb = Xvfb -nolisten tcp -noreset \
        +extension GLX +extension Composite \
        -auth $XAUTHORITY \
        -screen 0 5760x2560x24+32

And commented in this:

#xvfb = /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg -noreset -novtswitch -nolisten tcp +extension GLX +extension RANDR +extension RENDER -auth $XAUTHORITY -logfile ${XPRA_LOG_DIR}/Xorg.${DISPLAY}.log -configdir ${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/xpra/xorg.conf.d/$PID -config /etc/xpra/xorg.conf

> Another problem is that the client times out because the pi still takes
> so long to spin up a server. So you may want to start your session via
> ssh before connecting. ssh to the pi and then:
> xpra start --start=xterm
> (and keep an eye on the xpra server log for failures)

That was the problem. Now it works - many thanks!

Is there a way to extend the timeout? Because on the first try it didn’t work and it looked like it needed just a few extra seconds.


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