[winswitch] Chrome window can not be resized or moved

Joakim Ziegler joakim at terminalmx.com
Thu May 7 23:14:15 BST 2020


I'm testing Xpra for internal use in our company, essentially we need to
virtualize web browsers so they do not run on production machines, but
rather on a server in a DMZ, because of client content security

I've installed Xpra 3.0.6-r25177 on the server (Ubuntu Focal, with the
distribution packages, since there don't seem to be official Xpra packages
for 20.04 yet), and Xpra v3.0.9-r26132 from the official packages on the
client, which is a CentOS 7.4 box (to be upgraded at some point in the
future to latest CentOS 7).

On the server, I've installed Chrome, which is the browser I'd prefer to
use, and I'm starting it from the client machine with the following

xpra start ssh:user at server --start google-chrome-stable

This works fine, in that the Chrome window shows up on the client desktop
and I can use the web browser normally. However, the Chrome window can not
be moved or resized. Hovering the mouse pointer over the edges or corners
of the window changes the pointer shape to the typical "resize" pointer for
the corresponding edge/corner, but dragging does nothing. Trying to move
the window by dragging on the title bar also does nothing.
Minimize/maximize, however, works fine.

I suspect this is due to the custom window decorations Chrome uses, since
other applications (the canonical example is xterm, I guess) work fine and
can be resized normally.

Any ideas or pointers to why this happens, and how to fix or work around?
Xpra seems perfect for my use case otherwise, so this is the only problem I
think I need to solve...

Thank you for any help.

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