[winswitch] Chrome window can not be resized or moved

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri May 8 03:11:07 BST 2020

On 08/05/2020 05:14, Joakim Ziegler via shifter-users wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm testing Xpra for internal use in our company, essentially we need to
> virtualize web browsers so they do not run on production machines, but
> rather on a server in a DMZ, because of client content security
> requirements.
That's a very common usage scenario for Xpra.

> I've installed Xpra 3.0.6-r25177 on the server (Ubuntu Focal, with the
> distribution packages, since there don't seem to be official Xpra packages
> for 20.04 yet), and Xpra v3.0.9-r26132 from the official packages on the
> client, which is a CentOS 7.4 box (to be upgraded at some point in the
> future to latest CentOS 7).
> On the server, I've installed Chrome, which is the browser I'd prefer to
> use, and I'm starting it from the client machine with the following
> commandline:
> xpra start ssh:user at server --start google-chrome-stable
> This works fine, in that the Chrome window shows up on the client desktop
> and I can use the web browser normally. However, the Chrome window can not
> be moved or resized. Hovering the mouse pointer over the edges or corners
> of the window changes the pointer shape to the typical "resize" pointer for
> the corresponding edge/corner, but dragging does nothing. Trying to move
> the window by dragging on the title bar also does nothing.
> Minimize/maximize, however, works fine.
That's a bug in the Ubuntu packages, once again... Don't use those if
you don't have to:

> I suspect this is due to the custom window decorations Chrome uses, since
> other applications (the canonical example is xterm, I guess) work fine and
> can be resized normally.
Correct, this works fine in Xpra though, just not in the version
packaged in Ubuntu.

> Any ideas or pointers to why this happens, and how to fix or work around?
> Xpra seems perfect for my use case otherwise, so this is the only problem I
> think I need to solve...
Xpra 4.0 was due to be released this week, but there's one final bug
delaying it.
Until then, you can install it from the beta repository:


> Thank you for any help.

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