[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 4.0

Antoine Martin antoine at devloop.org.uk
Sun May 10 18:24:17 BST 2020


This release cycle was one of the longest, and during that time a record
260+ tickets were dealt with. Many of those were fixes that have already
made their way to the 3.0.x LTS branch.

Big thanks go to those who contributed to this release by reporting
bugs, providing feedback or patches, testing, etc.
In particular, N.Stavros (everything) and "brief" (HTML5).

The release notes with links to some of the tickets can be found here:

Next, development will start on version 4.1:
In parallel to that, some features are planned to be backported to a new
3.1 branch:
This 3.1 branch will eventually replace the 3.0 LTS branch.
If there are fixes or features that you think should be available in the
LTS branch, now is the time to nominate them.


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