[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 4.0.5: many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin totaam at xpra.org
Wed Nov 18 03:35:04 GMT 2020


This release fixes a large number of bugs but none of them are critical.

There is no urgency to update if you were not affected.

Here's a short summary:
* caps-lock should work properly for all keys / platforms, finally
* HTML5 client fixes: for keyboard (IE), audio, fullscreen switch
* socket fixes: SSL upgrades and hostname verification, OpenSSH tunnels, etc
* proxy: instance zombies, shutdown, control packet errors
* MS Windows: resource leak, missing notifications, keyboard issues
* build or packaging fixes: Fedora 33, archlinux, Debian Bullseye,
Ubuntu Groovy
* Wayland clients: restore workarounds and clipboard, fix connection
* NVENC: session leak, packaging, SDK v10 support
* misc: file transfers, debugging tweaks and fixes, etc

Full release notes:
* fix caps lock wrongly applied to numeric keys
* fix HTML5 client keyboard layout detection with Internet Explorer
* fix HTML5 audio forwarding with some versions of Safari
* fix HTML5 (un)fullscreen
* fix ssl server hostname verification errors
* fix syntax errors when using connections using nested ssh tunnels
* fix socket_util import errors with some subcommands
* fix http / websocket and ssl socket upgrade failures
* fix server errors when ws sockets cannot be upgrade to wss
* fix ssh command option not being honourd with the client launcher
* fix proxy control socket becoming unresponsive after errors
* fix proxy shutdown
* fix proxy instance zombies on server start failures
* fix sqlite authentication module not handling configuration options
* fix stdout errors causing server startup or shutdown problems
* fix MS Windows resource leak in system tray forwarding
* fix MS Windows bubble notifications not showing on some systems
* fix MS Windows client keyboard unresponsive issues
* fix MS Windows and MacOS websocket servers missing mimetypes module
* fix archlinux build path stripping
* fix Fedora 33 package dependency issues
* fix Wayland detection and workarounds
* fix clipboard errors under Wayland
* fix client signal listener not forwarding signal messages
* fix client failing to connect due to keymap changes (ie: Wayland)
* fix client not showing authentication prompt only once per connection
* fix opengl debug option for saving buffers as jpeg
* fix spurious "missing resolution" errors (often with HTML5 client
* fix duplicated data in bug reports
* fix download checksum verification (was not verified with python3 builds)
* fix spurious file transfer errors with python3 builds
* fix NVENC session leak due to flushing errors, support building with SDK10
* remove "numpy" dependency for builds without NVENC / NVFBC (fixes
MacOS installation problems)
* add new NVENC presets from SDK v10, workaround deprecation warnings
* HTML5 connect page can now specify the display to connect to
* avoid starting new threads for file transfers that don't need one
* raise default maximum packet size to prevent connection errors with
large xdg menu data
* don't let bad http requests mess up the server log
* prevent peek data or exception message from corrupting the log / stdout
* remove dependency on "requests" package introduced in 4.0.4
* add correct packaging for Debian Bullseye and Debian Groovy Gorilla
* make it possible to override the Xorg binary path detection

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