[winswitch] window manager missing with html5 client

Massimiliano Dal Cero yattamax at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 20:00:26 BST 2020

Hi all :)

Three years ago I used xpra for a study project, and since then I haven't
worked on it anymore.

I remember that xpra + xvfb + html5 client, had its own window manager.
Now when I start xpra with the following command:

xpra shadow :2020 --no-daemon --bind-tcp= --html=on
--pulseaudio=yes --clipboard-direction=both --sync-xvfb=10 --encoding=jpeg
--quality=40 --auto-refresh-delay=1 --speaker=on --speaker=yes
--speaker-codec=mp3 --start-after-connect="xcalc"

When I connect with the browser, the window manager is missing (so the
mouse events are also not responding correctly).

What am I forgetting?

(I need to use shadow mode because i record session with ffmpeg and without
it, the screen record are blank)

Thanks a lot & best regards :)

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