[winswitch] window manager missing with html5 client

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Sep 20 06:23:54 BST 2020

On 20/09/2020 02:00, Massimiliano Dal Cero via shifter-users wrote:
> Hi all :)
> Three years ago I used xpra for a study project, and since then I haven't
> worked on it anymore.
> I remember that xpra + xvfb + html5 client, had its own window manager.
It does.
But that's not going to help with shadow mode, which only exports one
window. (the whole screen is one window in shadow mode)
> Now when I start xpra with the following command:
> xpra shadow :2020 --no-daemon --bind-tcp= --html=on
> --pulseaudio=yes --clipboard-direction=both --sync-xvfb=10 --encoding=jpeg
> --quality=40 --auto-refresh-delay=1 --speaker=on --speaker=yes
> --speaker-codec=mp3 --start-after-connect="xcalc"
* jpeg at 40% quality will look awful
* speaker is set twice
* leave the codec up to the client

> When I connect with the browser, the window manager is missing (so the
> mouse events are also not responding correctly).
I assume that this ":2020" display is running an xpra seamless session?

> What am I forgetting?
> (I need to use shadow mode because i record session with ffmpeg and without
> it, the screen record are blank)
Don't use a second server in shadow mode for this.

You can record the vfb with ffmpeg as long as you set the --sync-xvfb
option when you start your session.


> Thanks a lot & best regards :)
> Max
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