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Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira vini.ipsmaker at gmail.com
Tue Apr 6 13:43:15 BST 2021

Em ter., 6 de abr. de 2021 às 08:58, Antoine Martin via shifter-users
<shifter-users at lists.devloop.org.uk> escreveu:
> I assume you are referring to the "X11 keyboard" rather than the "xkb"
> API specifically here.

That's correct.

> Theoretically, you just connect and the server will configure its
> virtual keyboard to match the one you have on the client.
> How this is achieved depends on the OS and the server subcommand used.
> The keyboard layout detected by the client is printed out when you run
> from the command line, and it is also found in the server log.
> It should also be possible to change the layout at runtime from xpra's
> system tray.

The client printed: keyboard settings: rules=evdev, model=pc105, layout=us

My layout is layout=us variant=colemak. I can't tell whether it's
ignoring the variant.

The server printed:

2021-04-06 11:39:17,196 setting keymap:
2021-04-06 11:39:17,197 Error: cannot find rules file 'evdev'
2021-04-06 11:39:17,197 setting keyboard layout to 'us'
2021-04-06 11:39:17,198 Error: cannot find rules file 'evdev'

Maybe that's also relevant (on server):

2021-04-06 11:39:18,205 client   1 @07.692 server does not support xi
input devices
2021-04-06 11:39:18,211 client   1 @07.700  server uses: xtest

So AltGr + e should print é, but all AltGr combinations are failing.

I can't find an option on the systray to set the layout.

I also tried to call setxkbmap from a terminal emulator running on
server, but it didn't work either.

> Input-methods are usually transparent to xpra.
> Xpra will receive keyboard events from the operating system and just
> forward them.


> > What env vars (should the
> > default XKB_ vars do?)?
> I don't understand this bit.


> > Do I need to have some package on server-side to
> > recognize layouts other than US (which one?)?
> No.

Okay. So it should be working I guess.

> > I'm really missing a starting point here.
> Or, it's possible that you've hit a bug.
> Please always specify your OS and xpra version at both ends, desktop
> environment, etc.. as well as the command lines used.

Client is a standard ArchLinux box. The cmd is just xpra attach

I'm running X11+awesomewm on client.

Server is:

guix environment \
     --container \
     --no-cwd \
     --share="$HOME/.var/app/telegram/profile-1=$HOME" \
     --network \
     --ad-hoc xpra telegram-desktop -- \
     xpra \
     start \
     --daemon=no \
     --mdns=no \
     --dbus-proxy=no \
     --dbus-launch=no \
     --socket-permissions=666 \
     --bind=auto \
     --speaker=off \
     --use-display=no \
     --xsettings=no \
     --forward-xdg-open=no \
     --terminate-children=yes \
     --exit-with-children=yes \

> The "-d keyboard" debugging switch is probably too verbose, but may help
> diagnose things.

I'll try that and report any extra information that I find.

Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira

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