[winswitch] Black windows with Xpra, Docker and WIne

Craig Setera craigjunk at setera.org
Wed Aug 11 15:09:05 BST 2021

Thanks for the information.  I did also update the version of Wine in 
the container which helped quite a bit. But I do see black windows from 
time to time.  Unfortunately, I can't find the pattern.

Antoine Martin via shifter-users wrote on 8/10/21 7:26 AM:
> On 05/08/2021 08:12, Craig Setera via shifter-users wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'm in the midst of trying to get the Fitbit Simulator which is only
>> supported on Windows and MacOS using my Linux (Ubuntu latest) laptop.
>> While I started with
>> https://github.com/bingtimren/fitbit-simulator-linux-wine-image, I had
>> issues with the fact that my laptop is actually a HiDPI machine and the
>> resulting application was much too small.  I remembered that I had seen
>> an example of using Xpra to scale a Linux desktop application and
>> decided to see if I could do the same with this.  I set up a Docker
>> container to bind Xpra to a TCP Port and am attaching to that port from
>> the host port.
> Xpra nows ships a utility command for doing this sort of scaling, try:
> run_scaled yourapp
>> Unfortunately, I'm getting very inconsistent results.  When it works,
>> things are properly scaled (by 2x) and work as I would expect.  However,
>> many times, I end up with a completely black window.  I've tried many
>> different combinations of options on both the container (server) side
>> and the attach side.  I've tried to disable as much functionality as
>> possible as well.  In the end, I'm just not getting a consistent
>> non-black display.
> Can you reproduce the problem with a regular application or just this one?
>> Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this issue?  The fact that it
>> seems to work sometimes makes me feel like I'm close to a solution.
> That's a fair assessment.
> Please see:
> https://github.com/Xpra-org/xpra/wiki/Reporting-Bugs
> And create a ticket there.
> We should be able to sort this out quickly.
> Cheers,
> Antoine
> PS: the mailing list remains in emergency moderation mode following one
> spammy message last month. It may take longer than usual to post and get
> replies.
>> Thanks,
>> Craig
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