[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra LTS 3.0.13: many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin totaam at xpra.org
Fri Jan 1 16:07:26 GMT 2021


This update to the LTS 3.x branch brings most of the fixes already
applied earlier to the v4.x branch, and so the release information is
largely the same:
* there is no urgency to update if you were not affected by these issues
* the "~/.xpra" path has been re-added to the list of socket directories
* the PDFium printing library has been updated in the MS Windows builds

Next, the 3.0.x LTS branch will be replaced by the 3.1.x LTS branch.
Whereas previous updates to the 3.0.x branch were almost exclusively bug
fixes, this new 3.1.x LTS branch will also backport some new features:
generally self-contained changes that are very unlikely to cause

Full release notes:
* fix screen refresh performance issues, especially on jittery links
* fix virtual screen resizing errors with invalid DPI values
* fix slow subcommands due to unnecessary calls to ldconfig on Linux
* fix server asynchronous packets getting delayed
* fix dangerous default values potentially causing intractable bugs
* fix ssh connection errors with proxycommand or proxyhost port numbers
* fix connection errors when a non interactive client is already connected
* fix failures to enable packet compression
* fix 'xpra _proxy' zombies getting left behind (ssh mode)
* fix proxy instance zombies on server start failures
* fix proxy instance control socket errors and process leak
* fix capslock wrongly applied to numeric keys
* fix keyboard sub-layout detection with MS Windows clients
* fix control key combinations with MS Windows clients
* fix MS Windows bubble notifications not showing on some systems
* fix errors accessing window handles on MS Windows (size hints, opengl,
* fix clipboard cleanup errors on MS Windows
* fix warning message format when running MS Windows under VirtualBox
* fix spurious refresh packets with mmap
* fix mmap not used with some non-video areas
* fix duplicate / untimely audio-stop control packets with HTML5 client
* fix http / websocket and ssl socket upgrade failures
* fix ssh command option not being honourd with the client launcher
* fix sqlite authentication module not handling configuration options
* fix opengl debug option for saving buffers as jpeg
* fix archlinux build path stripping
* fix spurious "missing resolution" errors (often with HTML5 client
* fix console errors with Internet Explorer
* fix duplicated data in bug reports
* fix handling of invalid clipboard requests
* fix printing diagnostic script
* fix Python 3.9 compatibility
* fix compatibility with 'use-display' option in newer configuration files
* fix sysconfig path in systemd service file for non-RedHat systems
* fix xdg-open override script error handling
* fix clipboard errors under Wayland
* fix Wayland detection and workarounds
* fix client failing to connect due to keymap changes (ie: Wayland)
* fix client signal listener not forwarding signal messages
* fix client not showing authentication prompt only once per connection
* fix Fedora 33 package dependency issues
* fix file-transfer failures with small files
* fix file-transfers with non-ascii filenames
* fix file transfer errors with python3 builds
* better file transfer message format
* add new NVENC presets from SDK v10, workaround deprecation warnings
* honour XPRA_XDG_EXPORT_ICONS=0 env var in all cases
* hide passwords from authentication debug logging
* updated DEB packaging for Ubuntu Focal, Groovy and Debian Bullseye
* use an up-to-date PDFium library on MS Windows
* honour the NOMD5 flag with the automatic border colour option
* make it possible to override the Xorg binary path detection
* re-add "~/.xpra" as socket-dir
* typo in man page

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