[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 4.0.6: many fixes, none critical

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jan 5 05:34:24 GMT 2021

On 05/01/2021 06:46, Michael Cronenworth via shifter-users wrote:
> On 12/31/20 7:09 AM, Antoine Martin via shifter-users wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This release fixes a large number of bugs but none of them are critical,
>> so there is no urgency to update if you were not affected.
>> That said, quite a few of the issues which have been fixed greatly
>> enhance the user experience.
> After upgrading from 4.0.5 I am unable to start the proxy service
> through systemd socket activation with this release.
> Since you removed the older releases from your RPM repo I can no longer
> downgrade.
Older releases are never removed from the RPM repositories.
Only outdated distributions are eventually removed. (ie: CentOS 5.x)

I am going to have to guess that you're running CentOS 8.x?
If so, the directory you are looking at is for the latest CentOS
release, which is 8.3 at time of writing, and the previous 4.0.5
packages were released when an older version (8.2) was the latest, so
you can find them here instead:

Unfortunately, apache does not show you that most of the directories are
actually symlinks, ie for 8.x:
8 -> 8.3.2011
8.0 -> 8.0.1905
8.1 -> 8.1.1911
8.2 -> 8.2.2004
8.3 -> 8.3.2011
8Server -> 8
8Workstation -> 8

Just be aware that packages built for an earlier version of CentOS may
or may not work correctly on a newer one, and vice versa.
Generally, the xpra packages themselves should work, but:
* the dummy driver may have ABI compatiblity issues - this used to be
the case with CentOS 6.x and 7.x, I don't think 8.x has this problem
since the Xorg ABI is not changing any more.
* the RPM dependencies change as packages are added or removed from the
CentOS repository for each version - this can make it more difficult to
identify the exact set of packages required for offline installations.

> I'm getting an ImportError from xpra/platform/xposix/sd_listen.pyx line
> 55. The error is "cannot import name TCP_SOCKTYPES."
> I have removed all Xpra RPM packages and reinstalled but that did not
> fix it. Same error. Default configuration and service file is being used.
Thanks for the report, this regression has been fixed:
You can just run `yum update` to get updated packages with this fix.


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