[winswitch] what happened to Centos 7.6 distributions?

Thomas Esposito tmesposito00 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 21:24:32 BST 2021

I use a remote virtual machine at work which runs Centos 7.6. We were
running on Redhat 6.6 until recently, and the process to upgrade to Centos
7.6 took years due to compatibility issues with EDA tools. It will likely
be many more years before we upgrade again. Further complicating the issue,
I am not allowed su permission on my VDI and therefore cannot install
packages. In order to use xpra, I have manually extracted all of the
necessary rpms and created a wrapper script which sets up the proper
environment variables in order to get it to run.

Last time I checked, there was a dedicated distribution for Centos 7.6, but
I no longer see that. Currently, I only see 7, 7.7.x, 7.8.x, and 7.9.x?
Which distribution should I use for 7.6?

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