[winswitch] The application window turns gray if I want to move the work window to a new location

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jun 7 12:52:07 BST 2022

On 10/05/2022 18:32, Dušan Vejnovič via shifter-users wrote:
> Xpra version: 4.3.3
> OS version: Debian 11
> How to reproduce:
> - install Eclipse IDE on xpra server (from 
> https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/)
> - run Eclipse IDE on xpra server (e.g. xpra start :10000 
> --bind-tcp= --systemd-run=no --exit-with-children=yes 
> --start-child="eclipse")
> - connect to xpra server with Xpra HTML client
> - create new project
> - place the mouse cursor on the title bar of any window inside the 
> Eclipse IDE, press and hold the left mouse button for a few seconds
> - all Eclipse IDE window turns gray
I'm not seeing gray windows but I do see some very odd behaviour with a 
flashing top level window that comes and goes.

That's par for the course with Java applications and eclipse IDE in 

> Must I make an error report?
Yes please.


> Bye, Dušan.
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