[winswitch] run_scaled runs command but nothing shows up

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jun 7 14:18:45 BST 2022

On 12/05/2022 04:29, Ben Pearre via shifter-users wrote:
> Hi!
> Fully up-to-date manjaro, running xpra 4.3.3 just downloaded from github.
Beware: github only hosts source snapshots, so you must have installed 
it manually - which may or may not have installed all the components 
required correctly.

There are build and installation for some distributions here:
but not for Manjaro.

> Nvidia Xorg driver. Please let me know what other version info you might
> need.
> Since I couldn't find anything like this in the xpra issue tracker, I'll
> assume I'm doing something stupid...?
No, you just found a regression in the 4.3.x series.
The trivial fix has been committed:
The next releases will include it.
In the meantime, you can run from git master, patch manually, or perhaps 
downgrade until the next stable release is out.

> "run_scaled xterm" produces no errors, detaches, and then does nothing
> obvious.
> Running "xpra" pops up a control window, browsing reveals that the xterm is
> there, and I can attach to it. I'd thought that run_scaled did this
> automatically---it did with the 4.2.x that someone packaged for
> Manjaro---but this is encouraging.
> Problem is, it's not scaled.
The scaling occurs when attaching so when you use the default GUI to 
attach, it won't use any scaling by default.

But you can still change the scaling at runtime once attached:
* via the system tray menu - which you can also activate over any xpra 
window, usually using the shortcut [Control Shift F1]
* using the scaling key shortcuts, on most Linux DEs those are [Control 
Shift +] and [Control Shift -]

> I assume this might have something to do with the line "DPI set to 32 x 33
> (wanted 288 x 288)"?
No. That's a different problem - one which will be going away very soon 
as RandR support has been added to the dummy driver.

This will be the most important feature of xpra 4.4:

> The desired screen resolution is indeed about 288
> (EDID reports correctly, visible in the log I've attached). Almost this
> error message was a bug back in 4.2.x (where it said "DPI set to 8x8 [...]"
> or something, so 2.9 cheers for hillclimbing optimisation) but darnit?
> There are a bunch of errors and warnings. Do I have to add the user to
> group xpra? Running as root doesn't seem to fix anything, so that's
> probably not it...
Most of these harmless warnings are documented here:

> I'd be surprised if errors with html or cuda or webcam etc would result in
> no scaling, but I could be wrong?
> Does this have anything to do with the fact that there are around a dozen
> pieces of Manjaro / xfce / X11 that keep trying to override the EDID
> resolution with the 96 x 96 lie? I think this lie is exactly why we need
> run_scaled, so I bet all that nonsense is ignored...?
No, that's unrelated.
> Pointers? What am I failing to do correctly?
Nothing... it was just a bug. Sorry.


> Many thanks!
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