[winswitch] This server does not export any commands and No users

martin smeagol271006 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 01:37:37 GMT 2012

Hi Antoine and list.

Ok an update. Installed beta packages on one of the two hosts (my hosts are
named "shodan" and "asus-1201n").

Host> Shodan

dpkg -i 


Run aptitude and had it install all required dependencies and configure.

[INSTALA, DEPENDENCIAS] python-foolscap
[INSTALA, DEPENDENCIAS] python2.5-minimal
[INSTALA, DEPENDENCIAS] xserver-xorg-input-void
[INSTALA, DEPENDENCIAS] xserver-xorg-video-dummy
[NO_CONFIGURADO] winswitch

On purpose I left host> asus-1201n Untouched. NO beta here.
Just to test what is going on.

Now shodan can connect to itself.
I can run for example VNC copy and get the
infinite cascade of my desktop > desktop > desktop infinite.

Trying to launch applications of shodan from shodan seems to fail. Will look
into this later.

Now I can run applications from asus-1201n (invoking them from shodan) and see
them on shodan.

Now here is the catch.

Trying to run something from shodan, invoking it from asus, shows the message, 

"This server does not export any commands"

So I'm guessing something fails in the CLIENT (stable), who can't properly
detect servers (be stable servers or beta servers). 

I will try later upgrading asus-1201n to beta and see what happens.

If you need more data I can gladly provide.

System for both machines
Debian Squeeze
kernel 2.6.32-5-686

Another very NOOB question. Is there a way to add BETA to sources.list? 

Thanks again Antoine for your patience.
And sorry for inconveniences about the
mailing list. Never had used one before!

smeagol271006 at gmail.com

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