[winswitch] Connection lost when connecting to xpra server

dan l akadanitan at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 29 02:52:56 BST 2016

> That's trying to connect to a local xpra server on your Windows PC.

> What I meant was something like this:
> Xpra_cmd attach ssh/username:password at host:22/

Ah, thank you. I like that syntax better. What I was doing before was running Xpra_cmd.exe and then filling in the fields in the GUI (which I think should be equivalent).

> And again, keep an eye on your sshd server log.> If the connection is still refused, you may be hitting some

> compatibility issues between plink and your sshd server.

Spent some time verifying that it wasn't ssh/sshd.

I think I found the issue after a lot of experimentation.

So, recall that on the server side, I do a local install:

   python2.7 ./setup.py install --home=./install

If I just run xpra from here, I will get the problems I've been mentioning in this thread.

However, I found that I can resolve all of the issues if on the server, I do:

   cat install/etc/xpra/conf.d/*.conf > ~/.xpra/xpra.conf

and then start the server. Then everything works. I've tested this in a fresh jail to make sure it wasn't anything else. So basically I need to have an xpra.conf in my home for things to work.

Is it possible that when I run without making a ~/.xpra/xpra.conf file that the server code is *not* reading install/etc/xpra/conf.d/* ? That is what seems like is happening. If the fix isn't obvious let me know and I'll open a bug with more info.

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