[winswitch] Unable to register on bugtracker + Win32 issues

Valtteri Vuorikoski vuori at notcom.org
Mon May 25 19:38:29 BST 2020

Hi, it doesn't seem to be possible to create an account on the 
bugtracker. After filling the register form, a "Configuration error" 
page with the following message is shown: "Cannot find an implementation 
of the ICaptchaMethod interface named ImageCaptcha. Please check that 
the Component is enabled or update the option [spam-filter] captcha in 

The issues I was going to report are simple so I'll just put them here 
for now (both Win32 with 4.0.1, using the zip version):

1. Xpra fails to start if libintl-8.dll doesn't exist beside Xpra.exe: 
"The procedure entry point libintl_snprintf could not be located in the 
dynamic link library [...]\lib\libfontconfig-1.dll." Copying the 
libintl-8.dll in lib one level up works.

2. Setting --keyboard-raw=yes sends the Windows scancode as X11 keycode. 
This is not very useful as generally X11 keycode = PC/AT scancode + 8. 
Client should probably add 8 to the scancode (event.keycode) when 
connecting from Win32 to X11.

Please reply directly if needed, I'm not currently on the list.


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